Skip Hire in Redhill | Choosing Skips in the Right Size for Rubbish Removal Projects

Skips, like people, come in various shapes and sizes to ensure that there is a perfect fit for every waste clearance project in Redhill. Nevertheless, selecting the appropriate skip size is a crucial aspect to consider because it influences the success of a rubbish removal job. Our skip hire company is conversant in all modern waste management practices and has the required licensing to transport your unwanted materials from the Environment Agency.

This easy-to-follow skip size guide should assist you in making the right choice whenever you have rubbish clearance work to complete.

It is essential to avoid ordering skips that are too small because it might lead to waste overflow. On the other hand, opting for skips that are too large will result in unnecessary expenses. To ensure you make the right decision, refer to this guide for assistance whenever you have a waste clearance project in Redhill. We also cover all surrounding Surrey, Sussex and South East areas.

Estimate the Amount of Waste Generated

Accurately estimating the amount of material that a rubbish removal project will generate is vital in choosing the right size of skip. While it may not always be easy to make precise estimates beforehand, considering this factor before commencing a rubbish clearance helps you to visualise your needs better. Note that we can quote for skips based on black bin bag sizes.

Our skip hire company can supply units for waste clearances in Redhill which can accommodate up to 175 bin bags in total.

Identify the Type of Waste

The type of waste you'll be disposing of directly affects the cost of a rubbish removal. For instance, garden or green waste, and timber disposal, may incur lower expenses compared to general or specialist waste. Informing a waste management company about the specific waste type can lead to a cost reduction. It makes good sense to take solid financial choices if a clearance is to achieve your original objectives without exceeding the set budget.

However, keep in mind that certain waste types might limit what can be put into skips. If a rubbish clearance in Redhill involves a mix of waste types, plan ahead to ensure you have adequate space to accommodate it all.

Consider the Scope of the Project

The scope of a project dictates how long you'll need to hire skips for, so keep this in mind during the planning stage. For lengthier waste clearance projects, such as house refurbishments, a larger skip might be suitable to accumulate waste over time. Conversely, garden clearances will only necessitate a smaller skip for a few days to accommodate moderate amounts of waste.

Note that rental costs from our skip hire company might be impacted by the project's scope, and some companies may impose rental charges after a 14-day period. Always verify fixed rental days in advance before committing.

Evaluate Location and Skip Placement

Consider potential access issues at your location in Redhill when planning the placement of skips. Sometimes, access constraints may hinder the delivery of skips to your site. In such cases, there are alternatives available. Placing skips on a public highway might be necessary for your rubbish removal project, and this requires obtaining a skip hire permit from your local authority. Consult our skip hire company to determine whether a smaller skip is sufficient, or if placing the skip on a public highway with a permit is necessary.

In conclusion, before hiring skips, carefully assess how the unit’s size could impact your waste clearance project. Account for the factors mentioned above, and you'll be able to choose the perfect skip for the job.

Our rubbish clearance services include skip hire, grab hire and man-and-van services. We can also organise wait-and-load services on request. The team at 1st Class Disposal Ltd looks forward to taking your call.

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