Specialist Rubbish Removal and Rubbish Clearance in Redhill, Reigate and the South East Area

1st Class Disposal Ltd is one of the largest rubbish removal companies working in the South East region and we have been meeting the needs of domestic customers and commercial clients for more than a decade. It would make sense that over the years, we have fulfilled the needs of those who need us for specialist rubbish clearance services. While it is fair to say that we have made some unusual collections in our time, our company has been nothing less than 100% ethical in its approach to modern-day waste management.

Locations covered by 1st Class Disposal Ltd include the Crawley, Dorking, East Grinstead, Redhill and Reigate areas, but we are a regional service provider. and we can meet the needs of clients in all surrounding local areas.

Here, we look at our specialist rubbish removal services in more detail:

Tyre Removal

Have worn tyres disposed of for as little as £10 per unit. Normally, a skip hire company would only accept waste from a rubbish clearance project that falls inside permitted categories. Because we excel in waste management and can help with special requests, 1st Class Disposal Ltd can collect used tyres from workshops, fast-fit centres, breaker’s yards and domestic garages.

In the UK alone, we throw out 55,000,000 worn or punctured tyres each year and current legislation means that these units can’t go to landfill.

We excel in specialist rubbish removals and have the resources needed to collect, screen, process and recycle tyres through our working relationships with licensed waste transfers stations in Surrey, Sussex and the South East.

TV Removal

Did you know that for as little as £25 + VAT, you can call the reliable team at 1st Class Disposal Ltd and have old televisions collected. A TV contains parts and components which are chemical in nature so landfill isn’t an option because contaminants could impact the environment. Our objective with old television sets is to see as many parts as possible reused and recycled.

This allows us to reclaim plastic, glass, copper and other precious metals.

We can collect your old televisions, in any volume, from Crawley, Dorking, East Grinstead, Redhill and Reigate, and all locations in the surrounding areas. This is a rubbish clearance service that is available to homeowners, retailers, manufacturers and anybody who needs an ethical TV disposal.

Fridge Removal

1st Class Disposal also offers a rubbish removal service for unwanted fridges so that gases and refrigerants aren’t introduced to landfill sites where they can cause contamination. Instead, we work with waste management partners, such as licensed recycling centres, so that fridges can be stripped of harmful components. We can then salvage and recycle all other reusable parts.

Prices start at just £45 + VAT.

It is important to arrange a specialist rubbish clearance service for fridges and you cannot put larger appliances or white goods into skips. Our responsible approach to waste management is your guarantee of a job well done.

Freezer Removal

Like fridges, freezers are large and heavy items which aren’t suitable for skips because of the refrigerants they contain. One of our core objectives is to run our business in the “greenest” way possible and one way in which we can make a difference to the environment is to manage the disposal of domestic appliances and white goods in a manner that is both upfront and ethical.

What we offer is a collect-and-recycle service at an affordable price.

We can offer a rubbish removal service for freezers up to 6ft tall in size and we can make responsive collections at a time to suit you. Our price for this waste management service starts at a modest £70 and is subject to the cost of VAT.

Mattress Removal

While a mattress is a non-hazardous waste item, trying to dispose of one can be a difficult process because of their size, shape and weight. Putting an old mattress into a skip isn’t a cost-effective choice because it takes up sizeable amounts of space and won’t leave enough room for you to dispose of other items. We think it is a good choice to have mattresses collected separately.

Prices start at £30 + VAT and we can remove single or double mattresses.

This is another part of a wider rubbish clearance service that makes life a little easier for clients in Crawley, Dorking, East Grinstead, Redhill, Reigate and the South East, and which saves them from having to force mattresses into cars.

Call 0208 168 0007 (London), 01737 400087 (Surrey) or 07912 343234 (Out of Hours) for specialist rubbish clearance and removal services in Redhill, Reigate and the surrounding areas.